How to create a variety of money in Internet

How to create a variety of money in Internet
Wednesday 29 July 2009
There are several ways make money on the internet starting from the knee have capital alias
free and without any IT knowledge at all until you need capital money
and high IT skills. I usahlah our discussion concerning how to make money
need capital money and high IT skills. Remember, I have a simple ngapai
hard-hard. Yes I? We talk only make money in ways that only
knee and capital needs without IT knowledge at all. So have capital Nol
Big donk! Ya do not need minder! People who have capital and have a large
high IT capabilities truZ their regular work that is his name. But I capital
knee and do not have IT capabilities that can successfully name Luaaaaaaaaaar
We also have not been up to knowledge that would like to talk on the capital and
high IT skills. Common name only ... hehehe!
Oke deh, and any money you like that have capital and without knee
knowledge of IT is high?
1. I blog,
2. Create blog
3. Create blog
Kok 3 grains make a blog all its contents?
Yes, because it is a most free and easy.
But the only I only blog?
Yes enggak do. After I blog, you should apply to some programs make
money form of PPC (pay per click) like Google AdSense, Text Links Ads,
Bidvertiser, etc. affiliate. Of course there are many programs make money on the other blog
such as PTR (paid to review), PTP (Paid to Post), Direct Advertising, etc.. However, we
here only to talk akan PPC Google Adsense alone. Now I know you learn
I just visit the blog on my blog udindownload
koq. Blog it deliberately created the Cuma-Cuma. Yah event as share
knowledge and make money so ...! But just quietly, knowledge 100% free. But
I do not angry yaaa its unsatisfactory. His name is also free. Hehehe ...